Responsible Gaming

Gambling issues are inextricably linked to deteriorating mental health, often causing depression, anxiety and suicidality. Furthermore, these problems can have a devastating impact on family dynamics as well as employment or academic success, even bankruptcy or criminal activity is not uncommon when gambling becomes an issue.

Gambling should be an entertaining activity, not a means of generating income.

Regrettably, gambling addiction can lead to severe consequences. With that in mind, we are committed to providing our customers with a safe and dependable service they can use without worrying about the dangers of abuse or dependency. We care deeply for our patrons’ well-being and strive to maintain an environment where everyone gambles responsibly.

Our company strictly forbids any underage gambling, ensuring that only individuals over the age of 18 are eligible to participate.

We take great care to ensure that our products and services are not advertised or promoted to minors or those who may be mentally and emotionally vulnerable.

We guarantee that our advertisements, sponsorships, and marketing activities adhere to all applicable age restrictions with the intention of keeping minors from accessing or engaging with the Service.

If you permit minors to use your computer, ensure that they cannot gain access to any passwords, usernames, or financial information.

To restrict access to gambling websites and activities, there are various tools such as NetNanny and Cyber Patrol available.

We routinely conduct verifications to ensure that all our players are of legal age. This helps us guarantee a safe and responsible gaming experience for everyone.

On certain occasions, our checks may fail to determine the customer’s age and thus we ask for more information in order to ascertain that they meet all legal requirements.

Your access to your personal account may be limited until we receive the necessary information and confirm that you are of legal age. Furthermore, any funds associated with this account will remain frozen during this confirmation process.

Betting and gambling regulations are controlled by the laws of your nation, with a typical legal age limit of 18 years.

Our advertising campaigns and ads are designed to inform customers of their chances of winning, as well as potential risks associated with our services. We strive to ensure that all costs for the service provided are reasonable; we do not encourage excessive spending on gambling activities. To measure if you may have a gambling addiction, please answer “Yes” or “No” to the following questions:

  • Is your budget spinning out of control?
  • Do you often find yourself relying on borrowing or stealing to sustain your gambling habits?
  • Does spending time with your family and close ones feel like a hassle? 
  • Are the judgments of others concerning your activity on wagering services becoming too much to bear? 
  • Have you been uninterested in activities that bring joy or leisure lately? 
  • Is depression, even thoughts regarding suicide, caused by losses felt more often than not?
  • Did you ever fabricate an excuse for how long or much money was spent on gambling?

If most answers are yes to these questions, it is likely there’s an issue at play here-gambling addiction.

No matter the age or stage, it’s always possible to recognize an addiction and choose a healthier path. We highly regard our customers and wouldn’t dream of contributing to their struggles; therefore, please use these helpful suggestions to reduce your vulnerability towards gambling problems:

  • When it comes to gambling, do not let it become your primary source of income. 
  • Set boundaries for yourself in terms of the time and money you are willing to spend so that you stay within them; never gamble with more than what you can comfortably lose. 
  • If ever tempted to chase after losses, resist this urge. 
  • Additionally, under no circumstances should one partake in any kind of betting while intoxicated or feeling low.

Are you looking for ways to control your gambling activities? We provide a voluntary self-exclusion service that enables you to close or limit access to your account. You can choose one of the following options:  for 1, 7, 14 days or 1,2,3,4,5,6 months. After selecting a time frame and activating the service, your account will be closed until that period has passed. When it ends, you can freely resume using our website’s services again!

You may request that the restrictions on your account are lifted prior to the self-exclusion period ending, however, this decision will be made by the Company.

During the self-exclusion period, you must not try to open a new account and it is essential that you accept that the Company shall have no financial responsibility if you continue gambling or using a new Account with the Service under another name or address. In some rare instances, your account could be unblocked before your self-imposed exclusion time has expired.